Whether you are looking for a second income, wanting some fun money in your retirement, need a fun night out once in a while, or just want to make a difference in people’s lives, let’s explore if Norwex could be the fit you’re looking for. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re “looking”! I’m here to help you find out if Norwex would be a great fit for you and your family- zero pressure! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Below is the Consultant Starter Kit! It’s got everything you need to get started. Let’s get you that mop for FREE!! At sign up, you only pay $9.99 (+tax in some states). Seriously. That’s it. And everything in the Kit is shipped to you.

Here’s the 2 options…
👉🏻 Option #1: Enter $1,000 in retail sales in 30 days.
👉🏻 Option #2: Enter $2,000 in retail sales in 90 days.
***Both options earn your Kit for free. And all your personal orders count toward your retail sales!

😁 Want to know the “worst case scenario”? If life happens & you don’t hit either of these goals to earn your kit for free, you will simply pay $200 for the starter kit on your 90th day, even though it’s worth over $290! Ammmaaazing!!

  • EnviroCloth
  • Window Cloth
  • Dusting Mitt
  • Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent Sachets (pack of 10)
  • UltraZyme Dishwasher Detergent Sachets (pack of 10)
  • Travel-size Cleaning Paste
  • Body Pack
  • Mop Collection (Large Superior System)
  • Rubber Brush
  • Demo Utility Tote Bag with Norwex Logo
  • Amazing business supplies to get you started
  • Online Tools & Resources

🧡  This month’s starter kit

Again, you have 2 INCREDIBLE options to earn your Kit for FREE. If you don’t reach Option 1, you have 2 extra months to reach Option 2! And, YOU can do it!

What are the Benefits of Joining Norwex?


Annnd…LOOK at this!! You can earn a TON more for FREE! Check out the details below.

Can I UPGRADE my Starter Kit? (I want ALL the Norwex!)

You sure can! This discounted package is only available for purchase at the time of sign up. It’s a fantastic way for you to get top selling products in your hands fast, and start using Norwex in your home right from the beginning.

When you grab the UPGRADE PACKAGE at Sign up (it’s only available at sign up), you will automatically earn the Quick Start Bonus!!

Again, that means over $150 in FREE STUFF for YOU! #Ilovefree

Upgrade your Starter Kit and get $474.56 in personal sales…for just $308.46! Total UPGRADE Value = $527.29!

Upgrading your Starter Kit gets you nearly HALFWAY to your $1000 goal!

Are You Mentally Calculating All You Receive When You Join and GO GOLD … at a 67% savings?!
  • EnviroCloth®, graphite
  • Window Cloth, plum with graphite trim
  • Dusting Mitt, graphite
  • Cleaning Paste (74 ml/2.5 oz.)
  • Ultra Power Plus™ Laundry Detergent (250 g/8.8 oz.)
  • Superior Mop Starter System
  • Rubber Brush
  • Body and Face Pack, graphite
  • Exclusive Demo Utility Tote with Norwex logo
  • Norwex Opportunity Brochures (10)
  • The Norwex Purpose Booklet (1)
  • New Consultant Guide (1)
  • Choice Rewards/Annual Incentive Trip Brochure (1)
  • Product Catalogs (10)
  • Safe Haven 5 Brochures (25)
  • Party Cards (1)
  • Host Guide (5)
  • Host Invitations (50)
  • Host Order Forms (5)
  • Customer Order Forms (20)


  • Back Scrubber
  • Body and Face Pack, coastal, (pack of 3)
  • Chenille Hand Towel, denim
  • Counter Cloths and Box Set, (set of 6 cloths)
  • Descaler
  • Dish Cloths, graphite (pack of 2)
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • EnviroScrub, graphite (pack of 3)
  • EnviroWand with Two-Sided Sleeve, teal
  • Fluff & Tumble Dryer Balls (set of 3)
  • Forever Bottle with Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser, white
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate
  • Lysere™ Deep Conditioner & Mask
  • Lysere™ Illuminating Oil
  • Lysere™ Probiotic Whitening Toothpaste
  • Mattress Cleaner
  • Microfiber Cleaner Laundry Booster
  • Natural Hand Cleaner
  • Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash, 8.45 fl oz
  • Travel Pack (set of 5 cloths)
  • 100 Customer Order Forms
  • 20 Catalogs


  • Spirinett (pack of 2)
  • Bathroom Scrub Mitt, pink
  • Bathroom Cleaner 2 oz.
  • Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth
  • Fresh Produce Wash 2 oz.
  • SpiriSponge (pack of 2)
  • UltraZyme™ Dishwasher Powder
  • Rinse Aid Plus
  • Dry and Buff Car Cloth
  • Textured Kitchen Towel, amethyst
  • Textured Kitchen Cloth, amethyst


So when you build a team, you are multiplying yourself and helping get the word out fast. You also earn SHOPPING SPREES and Choice Rewards Points to cash in anytime you like!

Use these prompts to get yourself thinking! Start making a list!

There’s more! 🙂 You can “Double Dip” and be both the Host and the Consultant!

When you HOST your own party (IN PERSON OR ON FACEBOOK) as a consultant and have a booking, 3 buying guests and strong sales, you can ALSO earn the HOST rewards that Norwex offers as well!!! Here are the Host Rewards for this month. I highly recommend that everyone do at least ONE in-person and online party! This ensures that your friends know where they can get more of these magical products from!


How Do You Know What To Talk About At Parties?

I, and an entire community of consultants, help you to keep it REALLY simple!

Share the Safe Haven 5 products and the Mop (they are in your starter kit!!) That’s it!! Your party demos should be no longer than 30-45 minutes and you’re sharing 6 products that will completely change their home. And the best part? You don’t need to know anything about these products before you join. Norwex and I will teach you!

Share the same products as above and I will guide you to a vast pool of resources to succeed! There are several large communities of consultants and we all love to SHARE! You aren’t starting alone… you are given support, encouragement, and tools. There’s nothing like being cheered on as you reach your goals.


Tips for SIGN UP!

1. There is NO promo code.

2. Say YES TO TEXTS from Norwex! They send you tips and tell you when someone ordered from you!

3. Say YES TO OFFICE SUITE (this is your website)… because it’s free for 60 days (Ongoing BONUS right now, 6 MONTHS free Office Suite for those just joining! After your 60 days (6 months currently), it’s 9.99 per month, or you can simply turn it off in your back office ( is your back office).

4. SAY NO TO SQWEE! This is also called OFFICE SUITE PLUS and it’s not something you will need.

5. Kit Builders are totally optional. I HIGHLY recommend the GOLD KIT Builder! You automatically earn the New Consultant Reward Package of FREE products worth $150! You earn approximately a 42% discount on all the products in the GOLD KIT!!! It’s a SUPER good deal and it’s ONLY available at sign up.

6. Open a Launch Party for yourself right away, (optional, of course, if you don’t want to do a Launch Party to announce your new business, the next best thing is to have 3-4 friends/family members agree to be a host for you). It will prompt you to choose your date. If you’re not getting a Kit Builder, you’ll want to choose a date within 7-10 days so you get your free products in the Rewards Package! (If you’re getting a kit builder, you have extra time and can choose 1-3 weeks down the road). You can still set up a Launch Party, it is not a contract or a commitment, you can edit/delete the launch party at any time. Setting one up just gives you some practice about setting up a party in your Office Suite (virtual office).

I Know There’s Fine Print. I Want To See It.

Well, here you go 🙂

What about the Terms and Conditions? I Want To See It.

Happy to help. Here you go 🙂

My Commitment To You

I am committed to helping ANYONE explore Norwex to see if it is a good fit for them. My passion comes from helping others start their own home businesses and do things they never dreamed they could do – earn trips, great income, recognition, have a completely flexible job, become leaders… the sky is NOT the limit with Norwex.

Whether you work full time or part time, have kids or not, are retired or at the beginning of your career, in a small town or big city, Norwex can work to provide you with purpose, income, flexibility, fun and recognition. Let’s chat if you have any other questions!

Are You Ready To Sign Up?

Do you have any additional questions? This opportunity has changed my life and I’m so excited to be on this Norwex journey with you! I would love to see if this could be a good fit for you. Would you like the link to JOIN our Mission? Click/Touch the JOIN MY TEAM button below to get started.

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