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Please, please submit ONE form for EACH type of label, card, flyer, and/or banner you are requesting. One form for EACH product, as well. Thank you so much.

BEFORE making a request ensure you have checked the list, at this link, which links to a post in the group. If the product is on this list then a label has either already been made or is in the works. No need for a request unless it is specific and different from what is being provided. CHECK THIS GROUP POST FIRST, click/touch here


  2. ALL information must be included. I just design it, please be complete, the wording for the design must be included.
  3. I am no longer designing materials, of any kind, with dilution ratios/recipes/uses that are not approved and endorsed by Norwex.
  4. BEFORE making this request PLEASE follow the link above to ensure one has not already been completed.
  5. I am willing to put everything together to design something that looks pretty awesome. However, I will not do the research and/or come up with the wording for your request. Please be sure to use wording provided by Norwex when making this request. If you want something with instructions, you need to ensure they align with the recommendations provided by Norwex. If you want to give suggestions for usage, then it has to align with Norwex (see number 3 above). If you want your design to include Norwex products, please be specific as to which one(s)… meaning color, type, etc. (if applicable to the item). 
  6. I am FREELY giving of my time, which is just as valuable as yours, please take the time to fill this out as stated. If you do not provide the EXACT NAME OF THE PRODUCT, at the very least, I will ignore your request. My time is precious, please respect that.
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