Facebook Tips for Hosts

The NUMBER ONE first thing you, as the hostess, must, must, must do is JOIN your own Facebook Party Group. It seems so simple but you would be surprised how many forget to accept and join their own party group. Please do this as soon as possible. I will send you an invite from the party group AND I will send the link via Facebook personal message. Please keep an eye out for it. I will create your party group about 7 days prior to the start of your party. You’ll learn why I create it early in the next tab.

Facebook loves to make something super simple a little more complex. Here are a few tips, about inviting, to help ensure your friends/family get your invitation and you don’t land in a Facebook timeout. 

  1. Only invite a few at a time and spread it out throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is to invite no more than 10-12 per day. Only invite about 4-6 at any one time. It is best to wait, at least 2 hours, between invites. Many hosts will invite 5-6 in the morning-ish hours and then 5-6 in the evening-ish hours. This is why it is important to start inviting about 5-7 days before your party begins. No worries, once you get a few guests I will post a pre-party game or two to keep them interested.
  2. Facebook LOVES to hide those invites! Yup, many guests say they never got it, never saw it, etc. SO, to be real successful, please send a personal message to any of your friends/family that you really want to ensure they get the invitation and attends your party.

I strongly, strongly, strongly encourage you to post a generic invite graphic on your personal page. Let people know about your party. Time and time again hosts tell me, “but I sent the invitation out.” Trust me, I know you did, I believe you with all of my heart. The issue is that in this day of social overload, it is SO easy to miss those invitations. I cannot tell you how many times a reluctant host will give in and post a blanket invite only to see friends/family comment with “me, me, invite me!” Yes, the very same ones that you sent the invitation to… and, often, when asked, those same people will tell you they never received and/or saw the invitation. So, this is an awesome way to ensure no one is left out.

Follow this LINK to see all the different invitation images you can select from: INVITATION IMAGES

I want you to earn all of the hostess goodies available and then some! If you want a successful party, you really have to be involved. This is not as involved as it sounds. Just take a few minutes, once or twice a day, and comment… if  you have Norwex products, use them, and like them, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE… I cannot stress this enough. So important. If you don’t have any Norwex, which is totally fine, comment on ones that you would love to have or that peak your interest. When you comment it boosts the Facebook algorithms so that posts are seen by more of your guests. It really does help.

It also helps if you communicate with your guests… connect with them… if they comment, say something nice back to them. This will help a lot, as well. BUT, I don’t want you spending too much time on any of this. I want this party to be as comfortable and fun for you as it is for your guests. Just put in a little time and effort because it will help you earn more rewards for your valuable time.