Let’s Party

Are you ready to host your own virtual event? I am so thrilled to be your ECO EVENT GUIDE! Yay! This decision, while super fun, also makes you a HERO! Yup, you read that right! So many of us are unaware of the harm that comes from our everyday use of common household products. Awareness begins right here… with this step… one person at a time and TOGETHER… we can make a difference. I want you to have the most amazing and fun experience… this is my goal for you, your friends, and family. I will work hard to ensure you all have a great time.

Check out all the awesome essentials you could earn for FREE when you host an event (click/touch below image to view current host rewards)!

Please fill out the form below so I can build you into the system to get your event scheduled. You should receive an email confirming the END DATE (last day of your event). Remember, the date you will see in the email will be the LAST DAY of your event. The start date will take place as it should and as you request.

I cannot wait to get this notice from you! Congratulations!!


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