Congratulations, Michelle!

Hi, Michelle, here’s what’s next?

Host Packet: An awesome host packet is on its way to you. You should receive an email from USPS with a tracking number so you can track to see when your package will arrive. (You’ve already received this, yay!)

Facebook Group: I will create a Facebook Event Group just for your event. I will create the group about 7-10 prior to the start of your event/party. Once created, I will send you an invite to your own Facebook Event Group. Please accept this invitation. Once you accept this I will make you a group Admin so it makes it easier for you to invite your friends/family. It will also allow you to approve your friends into the group. I set the group setting so we approve everyone coming into the group because there are too many “spammers” trying to infiltrate groups. This helps to keep them out. Facebook Event Group Link:

Inviting Friends/Family: Please do this SLOWLY so that you do not land in a Facebook timeout. I recommend only inviting about 4-6 of your friends at a time and then waiting a few hours before inviting again. Keep invitations to about 8-12 per day. This is why the group is created a week in advance so you can invite slowly.

IMPORTANT info about ORDERING: So many hosts get super excited about their events! They want to share the catalog and get orders as soon as possible. Here is the issue with this… the way the event is set up is on DIRECT SHIP so once an order is placed, nothing can be added to it, it cannot be changed or canceled. I strongly encourage guests to wait until, at least, 4 days into the event, to order. I share a lot of good info and it never fails that someone orders in advance and then wants more essentials. Sadly, there is another shipping charge. So, if we can avoid this, it would be very helpful.

Your Event Link for Shopping/OrderingShop Your Party, Place an Order

INVITATION GRAPHICS and so much more! I’ve put together a wonderful “Hostess with the Mostess” page that has a lot of great information and resources just for hosts. You can get to it from this link: Hostess with the Mostess

Your Special Gift: from time to time an exclusive special gift may have been offered if you agreed to host an event and that event reaches the minimum. This will be added to your host order at the end of your event. It will ship directly to you, and you will not incur any cost for this gift.

Where am I at with my Event/Party?

As your party takes place I will keep this section updated with where you are at and/or what you have earned up to that point. I will do my best to update once per day during your actual event and will update 2-3 times per day on the last two days of the event. Everything is ZERO’d out to start because your event has not started yet.


You earn rewards for having 3, 5, 8, and 12+ orders.

4 orders to date, which earns FREE SHIPPING


You earn rewards for every friend/family member who will host their own virtual event/party from your event. Rewards are for 1, 2, and 3 bookings.

A REFERRAL LINK “party” (set up for your Mom) CAN BE THE #3rd BOOKING to earn the OPTIC SCARF, just need an okay to set that up.

2 bookings to date, you've earned a window cloth, envirocloth, & dusting mitt


You receive either 10% or 12% of your event/party’s total sales. The 10% is if your sales fall from $250 to $749.99 and the 12% is if your sales fall from $750 or higher. These are hostess dollars and can be spent on anything in the catalog up until your event/party is closed out.  They do not accumulate or carry over.

Event Sale $'s to date: $523.36 & 52.34 shopping dollars earned to date


Finally, you earn awesome rewards if your event/party sales reach milestone amounts, which are $350, $550, and $1,000 AND — this is very important — IF certain conditions are met. For ANY LEVEL you must have at least 3 orders and 1 booking. These rewards tend to change from month to month but all are really awesome!

Reward LEVEL unlocked: $350 level see host rewards flyer below