I cannot tell you how many hours/days/months we’ve spent searching for a supplement that met both (1) our strict requirements and demands and (2) had the texture and taste our young man required since he has texture issues due to his suffering from an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

I literally, nearly cried when we found Purium’s MVP Kids and were elated when we realized it met all of our demands and then some (texture, taste, and quality). Best of all, it passed the oh-so-rigid demands of our special little. While it is not specifically stated as being for kids or adults with special needs and Purium may not have realized how much the market lacked in this area, it is absolutely the most perfect solution we have found thus far.

Let’s take a look at the list of ingredients that make up Purium’s MVP Kids chocolate supplement, starting with its source of protein:

Organic pea protein: organic pea protein is a much better plant-based option over rice or soy because it has a low allergen profile. It also contains both essential (body cannot make on its own, must consume from a food source) and non-essential (body can make on its own) amino acids. Pea protein is typically non-GMO but it is much better to consume it from an organic source, such as this. Finally, pea protein is a good choice for sports and performance recovery because the amino acids in pea protein support a healthy digestive tract lining and has been found to promote satiety (the feeling of being full and satisfied).

Organic & fair trade certified cocoa: it is important to understand that fair trade certified is important because it contributes favorably to social, economic, and environmental sustainability in agriculture. It is designed to create sustainable incomes for farmers and their families. Purium’s owners consider their selves to be good stewards of the planet and providing a certified fair trade and organic product was not something they were willing to compromise. Cocoa can be very beneficial to the body. Understand we are not talking about chocolate, as many know it, mixed with sugars and other ingredients that are not so kind to our bodies. Cocoa in its purest form contains flavonoids, which help your body process nitric oxide. Flavonoids are known to support a healthy circulatory system and promote focused cognitive processes (thinking and reasoning). Cocoa is also a good source of antioxidants, which is also known to support our circulatory system along with being beneficial to reversing or slowing the effects of the aging process.

Organic Acerola Cherry Extract: According the USDA, the fruit of the Acerola Cherry tree can contain up to 85mg of Vitamin C per gram of fresh berry compared to 5mg in a peeled orange.

Natural chocolate flavor (organic cocoa and arabic gum): see the section above about cocoa. We realize many people baulk at the world “natural flavors,” which is why Purium is in the process of updating their label to spell out the ingredients that make up the flavors they use. For instance their natural chocolate flavor is nothing more than organic, fair-trade cocoa with arabic gum.

Lo han berry extract (monk fruit): monk fruit is indigenous to China and Thailand. It is grown on a vine known as siraitia grosvenorii. In Chinese, it is called luo han guo and the fruit itself has been used for its believed medicinal properties for many years. After the drying process, the trace amounts of fructose, glucose, and other components are considered insignificant and is perceived as sweet due to a powerful antioxidant called mogroside, which are metabolized differently by the body than natural sugars. It is typically 300-400 times sweeter tasting than can sugar but without the calories or effects on blood sugar. This fruit has been used as a sweetener for centuries overseas from the U.S. It is considered safe for consumption and has been consumed by the Chinese for centuries with no known side effects.

Organic guar gum: is a drought-resistant plant of the pea family. Guar gum is obtained by grinding guar seeds/beans and is used as a thickener and a binder. Guar gum can also support a healthy circulatory system.

Natural vanilla flavor (vanilla bean and arabic gum): No need to be concerned about Purium’s natural vanilla flavor, they are transparent about their ingredients. Their vanilla is obtained from a vanilla orchid that utilizes sustainable, organic-like methods to grown their vanilla. In this case, the natural vanilla flavor is nothing more than vanilla bean and arabic gum.

Organic Agaricus Mushrooms – Agaricus mushroom contains compounds that might improve the body’s use of insulin and decrease insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes. Some developing research also suggests it might be able to strengthen the immune system and work as an antioxidant.

So, as you can see the ingredients that make up Purium’s MVP Kids chocolate supplement drink (we call it a shake) are absolutely the best combination we have found after years of searching. Most important of all, our little man drinks it up everyday with zero resistance and has even asked for more! When we first began making it for our little guy we were told that monk fruit can be just ever so slightly bitter so we added just a touch (about 1 tsp) of raw-local honey to the drink and after just a few weeks he no longer needed the addition of the honey. Our little guy loves it with unsweetened almond milk or full-fat coconut milk.

It is also important to note Purium’s MVP Kids is certified organic, non-gmo verified, gluten-free, vegan, grain-free, and so much more. All things that were at the top of our demands. We also found out the foods are brought whole to Purium’s processing center, they are processed at low temps to ensure all of the nutrients remain intact. When liquid is mixed with the whole foods powder the nutrients become alive. This was very important for us to know and understand.

Our young man has a lot of texture and sensitivity issues related to Autism. These are fairly common among people who suffer from an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and will often limit their diet, making it difficult for them to obtain enough vitamins, proteins, and/or minerals. This is why supplements are an important part of the diet of someone who suffers from an Autism Spectrum Disorder or any disorder that makes it difficult to consume a wide range of pure food sources, for that matter.

We were so relieved when we discovered Purium’s MVP Kids. In fact, after our first canister of MVP Kids we knew this was a supplement that our young man would use for as long as we are able to provide him with it.

If you would like to try Purium’s MVP Kids for your little use our special coupon code (crunchynana) for a whopping $50 (or 25%, whichever is greater) off your first order! AND, there is a 60-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

Post by Jordyn Watson