Don’t you just love DIY projects? Here is one you can use over and over again and they are quite easy to make. Just print out each letter and/or safe haven dividers, you can make this banner with or without the safe haven dividers! I suggest printing them on photo paper… if you want the true color to really pop have them printed at someplace like OfficeMax/Staples/UPS. The only part of this whole process is that you’ll need to cut the flag out twice. Once before laminating and once after. Why? If you laminate the flag as the entire sheet and then cut it out the edges will not be adhered properly. It will unravel. So, cut out the paper flag, place in laminating pouch, and then cut out again but this time leave a little of the laminated edge so it stays adhered and your edges should not curl (come apart). Using a rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat helps this process go so much faster! You may still need to use scissors around some of the sharper edges. Now, use your half-inch hole punch to punch out the white holes at the top of the flag tabs. Now you are ready to assemble your flag banner! Thread ribbon (black looks so good with the Norwex blue, right?!) in and out through the holes in the banner tabs. When ready you can tie the ribbon to some command hooks to the front of your table (or even on a wall, so many options but always get permission if hanging on something that does not belong to you). I’ve provided you with a complete supplies list below just scroll on past the printable to reach it.