Can we just say, “this works!”? Seriously, we have not experienced one solicitor interruption since placing this on our front door. The reason we designed it to fit VistaPrint’s small car magnets is that a lot of front doors are steel and this will magnetize to the door. However, there are options we will provide for those who do not have a magnetized door. Either way, get this printed, it does not cost much and is SO worth it!!

Guidelines for Usage

Everyone is welcome to download and have this design printed.

Please do not alter the design.

If you share this on a social media, or on your website, please respect our time by giving us credit and providing a link back to this post.

Design PDF

The following file, PDF format, is what you need to have this design printed. The preview image we share above is reduced in size and quality and will not print properly. Please ONLY use the PDF file below. Download it to your computer (not mobile device) and upload it to whomever you decide to use to have this printed. Please remember it is designed specifically for VistaPrint’s small car magnet product.

Click/Touch this link to download the above design as a PDF file. This is what you will use to upload to VistaPrint or to provide to whichever printing outlet you prefer.


If your door is not magnetic, no worries, ours is not either, we have a solution that has worked well for us. Command strips! The velcro command strips work beautifully. We use 9 total, 3 across the top, middle, and bottom of the sign.

However, keep in mind if your door is not under an overhang and is often soaked by rain or snow, you will want to consider other options. One such is to have this printed on stock paper and then laminated. You can then punch a hole on the top of both corners and use a wire to make a hanger.

Command Strips:

Come back and let us know how well the sign has worked for you!!