Referral Rewards

Rewards! Would you like to earn rewards from the people you know purchasing Norwex essentials? Have you ever seen popular social media people giving out links to other companies? Those are called affiliate links and this referral rewards link is very similar. Now you don’t have to have an audience of 5000 people or more to get your own affiliate link… you can have your very own referral link with me just for being the amazing and awesome person that makes you, you!

I can provide you with your very own, special and unique, referral rewards link!


Questions? I’m sure you do. Let’s see if I can answer some of the more common ones below and if your question is not addressed, please reach out and I will do my very best to answer your question just as quick as possible.

Think of it like an event/party but instead of hosting an event/party you simply share the link and let the person place an order. Events are fantastic when you have a several friends/family/etc. that are not familiar with Norwex. After an event you may find that one, or more, of those same people will want more Norwex essentials. Now, when they do, you can give them this link and once your referral sales have reached a certain amount you will be eligible for rewards. Those rewards will depend on what is being offered as hostess rewards for that month and the total sales your referral link has achieved. Simple, right?!

Go here to see the current host rewards!

Great question! You can fill out this quick and easy form by clicking/touching here.

Don’t want to fill out the form? No problem! You can “reach out” to me in any manner that is best for you… Facebook messenger (private message/PM), t e x t message, e m a i l, send a message through this website, etc.   r j w a t s o n AT g o o d v i b e s a h e a d DOT c o m (spelled out like this so s p a m bots do not get ahold of my e m a i l address)

You are on fire with all of these amazing questions! One of the best ways you can share is to make a post on your personal page BUT here is the TRICK… do not, do not, do not, put the link in your post… INSTEAD put the link in the FIRST COMMENT once your post has posted on your personal page. Why? Because FB does not like it when you try to send people outside of FB and they will only share your post with a handful of your friends BUT if your post does not have a link then FB will share that post with more people… guess what else?! When your post has an image/picture FB will share it with even more of your FB friends/family/etc. Yup, sure will. So, please feel free to save the below image to your device (phone/tablet/computer) and use it with your post.

What do I say when I make the post on my personal FB page?

Honestly you can say whatever feels right for you… but, if you need an example or need something to copy and paste because you just cannot think of something, please feel free to use the following:

I’ve got something special just for you! See first comment below.

And, in the first comment, with the link, you can put something like:

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