What is the Customer Care Rewards Club?

This rewards club is comprised of a group of customers who would like to (1) transform their homes so they are a safer haven for their self and their family, (2) have a wish list of essentials they want to obtain gradually, and/or (3) use consumable essentials that are needed monthly/bimonthly/quarterly. I, Jordyn, would like to REWARD you, my very important customer, for being loyal and consistent with obtaining your essentials. This way your not only supporting a small business and homeschooling family but also achieving free goodies for yourself. It is a win-win situation. Don’t you just love those?!

How does it work?

Each person in the rewards club does his/her best to make one purchase of $35 or more once per month. All rewards orders are put into a special party with Norwex. This is how everyone will earn a special reward, one reward gift per month, in fact! However, the rewards are only sent out once each quarter (once every 3 months, January, April, July, and October). The reward value will depend on the total dollar value of orders placed each month.

Do I have to sign anything?

No, each person is on their honor that he/she understands that in order for everyone to earn a reward, everyone has to place the minimum order each month for that quarter. Quarters run like this; (1) January-February-March, (2) April, May, June, (3) July, August, September, and (4) October, November, December.

When do I have to order by?

Each person must place their monthly order no later than the last day of the month by NOON. I have to have time to get your order in and close out that month. I will send a reminder on the 25th of the month to anyone who has yet to place their order. If you are unable to order that month, please respond and let me know. I understand situations arise that are out of our control, truly I do. However, to keep it fair for everyone involved please know that you are under no commitment to order that month but you will forfeit rewards for that quarter.

Can I make up a month by ordering double for the following month?

Yes, you can do this once per year. This limitation has to be placed because doing this really throws off that months’ potential goods earned if everyone does not order by the month and on time. However, I get it, life can throw us a curveball so as long as it is a one time situation then you absolutely can make it up so you don’t lose out on your quarterly rewards.

How do I get out of the rewards club?

You are not bound by anything, no contracts, no commitments, nothing. All I ask is that you please be respectful and just send a quick email, text, etc. to let me know you are not going to participate further. No hard feelings and nothing changes with our relationship. I will not think less of you. I only want my awesome customers to participate if they want to and are comfortable doing so. No pressure. I am a “no pressure” gal.

How do I place my order?

You have five awesome options; (1) you can place the order through your Norwex account yourself (web or APP) or (2) you can use the QUICK ORDER form found at this link OR (3) you can call me OR (4) you can email me OR (5) you can text me.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you place the order yourself you have to ensure you are placing it through that month’s rewards club link. If you place an order through the wrong link, please let me know ASAP. I can only move an order within the first 48 hours and I have zero control over when it concludes. I like to say I only have 24 hours to play it safe. I will post the link for that month’s rewards club on the home page of my website: https://clothvibes.com just find the button with the corresponding month.

When will I get my rewards?

Typically you should receive your reward within the 2nd or 3rd week of the REWARD SHIPMENT month, the month following the end of that particular quarter, which are; JANUARY, APRIL, JULY, and OCTOBER. I’ll also send a notice when it ships. When I send it depends on when I receive the reward goodies from the company. This typically takes 7-10 business days from the date the rewards club order has closed out.


Free shipping is for anyone who places an $80 (before taxes and shipping) order. If you know you have a $80 order and want free shipping we can handle this a couple of different ways… you can place the order through the QUICK FORM and I will give you a total so you can pay (less shipping charge) and I will then place the order for you, it will ship directly to you and I will send you a tracking number. You can place the order, pay for shipping, and I will then reimburse you the shipping charge via PayPal or Venmo. How you want to handle this is up to you… I want you to be comfortable with whatever method you decide upon. I’m flexible and can go with the flow.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Good, I want to hear from you. Please reach out and let’s talk.