I want to get to work to support you with building a website that reflects you, your personality, and all that you have to offer. I’ve provided this support to numerous clients for over 18+ years. To date I’ve only worked with individuals because I feel it is important to connect with one person to truly build a site that reflects who that person is and what that person is wanting to offer, whether the offer is locally or globally, that person has something promising and the website must reflect this… I would love to do the same for you. What is your dream? What do you have to offer? Let’s work together to make it happen!


Basic Build is a fantastic jumping off point for anyone who is just getting started. With the basic build package (whether it is up to 5 pages or more) you will need to provide the written content for each page. For example, I set your home page but you will develop what it is you want people to see and/or read when they visit your website. If you feel this is not something you can develop, there is an option, an additional service, for content writing because it requires so much more of time. If you do want to develop your own written content I can provide you with worksheets, that include queues, to help you to build your own written content that you would need for, at least, four pages. In fact, that is part of the basic build package and is complementary, just let me know if this is something you will need.

The 5 pages “typically” consists of:

  • Home page – the page that people will see first when visiting your website.
  • About page – this page reflects your journey, who you are and how you got to this point, what is it that made you want to offer whatever it is you are offering.
  • Services page – this page explains what it is you have to offer, how to reach you, what you charge, and payment method.
  • Blog page – this is where you share whatever you desire on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Timing is completely up to you.
  • Contact page – this page will typically offer a form where those with questions, suggestions, offers, etc. will be able to connect with you.

You absolutely do not have to go with the 5 specific pages I’ve listed above. You can come up with any 5 pages you desire as long as they are basic in nature. Without any financial obligation, we can chat about this to see if your page ideas stay within the basic build investment price.

Before we journey together to begin your website design you will need to have several things already purchased and ready to go. Below I’ve provided you with recommendations that, over the years, I’ve found to provide the best results for the majority of website needs.


If you need more than 5 pages and/or pages with a bit of a complex build design, then the advanced build package should be considered. If you are not sure where your needs will fall, please reach out and we can chat about it.



This is a very important first step if you do not already own a domain name. In case you are unsure a domain name is the name that lands after the www and includes the dot com (or dot whatever you desire); for example, www.yourdomainname.com or like mine www.clothvibes.com where clothvibes.com is my domain name. I’ve found purchasing a domain via Name Cheap is extremely cost effective. Name Cheap does a good job of quickly pointing your domain to your server and/or providing a redirect and more. I highly recommend purchasing your domain via Name Cheap but keep reading because you may find you can obtain a domain name for zero cost as it may be a bonus with the purchase of your web hosting package.

Important Tip: when deciding on a domain name BE SURE to check on the major social media outlets to ensure no one else has the name you hope to use! Check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and any other outlet you think your customers may be using.


Once you decide on your domain name AND BEFORE you purchase it. You’ll need to figure out what you want your domain to be hosted. Confusing, I know. A domain host provides you with the web space you need to make your website come alive. For this, I use and highly recommend SiteGround. Check out their current packages! And, sometimes they offer a sale or bonuses so, if you have time, keep an eye out for those! Their packages will usually offer a free domain name with purchase of a domain hosting package. If this is the case then you can get your domain name and hosting package all in one.

There are, honestly, a whole slew of things to consider when selecting a domain host. This can become overwhelming, confusing, and daunting. The most important tip I can provide is to be sure you have a good understanding of what it is you are offering and what it will take to provide it virtually (sometimes it is as simple as providing a place where your customers can pay you for your service.

One thing I recommend, strongly, is to ensure your domain host offers WordPress with your package. I typically only work with clients who use WordPress for their website. Just something to keep in mind. Yes, SiteGround includes WordPress in their packages!


WordPress is a fantastic foundation and you can do a lot with it without a themed package BUT if you want to accept payment, customize beyond the limits of a free WordPress theme, and other specifics you will need a site theme. I’ve worked with numerous site themes (free and paid) and one theme definitely stands above ALL the rest and that is AVADA (purchased via Envato aka Theme Forest). You can own AVADA for a one time fee, this theme goes on sale quite frequently and you can usually obtain it for around $59. The features are better than any I have worked with, it comes with free premium plugins, and is completely customizable. Trust me when I say you want this theme!


Awesome!! You have all three so now what, right?! Now, you reach out to me and, as part of the build package, I can set everything up for you. Remember, I can only do this with usernames and passwords so be sure you make note of these. Once your website is set up you are welcome to change all of the passwords on each account, of course. However, you will most definitely need these in the future so be sure you make note of them and keep them safe. I highly recommend everyone have a “password book” of some kind. Many people purchase and use a light-weight address book.


If you struggle to come up with the wording necessary to build your website then the CONTENT BUILDING service may provide what you need. I think we can all agree that this would be the easiest way to go to build a website, however, the cost for having someone else build your content can be significant and is often not within budget. The other issue is that the content will often not reflect the personality of the individual who is providing the support, services, product, etc. A content builder should always work to do this but it is extremely time consuming and difficult to get it on point where it fits the person providing services/products. In order for your potential customer/client to WANT what you are providing he/she needs to connect with you… get to know you… so, my best advice is to, at least, attempt to build your own content and let someone else do the designing (put it altogether). Use the CONTENT BUILDING service as a last resort… it does not mean you have failed. There are many who truly struggle with this and need the support and service. If you do, know that it is okay! Sometimes just having the initial can help you work the material so that it will eventually reflect you fully. Another suggestion is if you do need to utilize the CONTENT BUILDING service then you may want to consider having a short (3 minutes or less) video greeting your customers/clients. Sometimes people find making a video easier than building written content.

  • Basic Build: up to 5 pages $150

  • Advanced Build: up to 10 pages $500

  • Maintain: update & more $20 per 20 minutes