This checklist was created with the intentions of an all-day to several days, outdoor event. You can adjust the list to fit the type of event you will be attending. A PDF of this list is available at the bottom of this page (currently being updated and will be available soon). You WILL NOT NEED EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST. The PDF is list only and will not include the details (reasons for listing the item). There is a link to almost all of the items listed below. Most of the items linked are “tried and tested” during our years as vendor event participants. Whether you are just beginning or a “seasoned” vendor participant, we hope you will find this list beneficial for preparing for your next event.

If you are just beginning, remember, many of these are “one-time” purchase items. If you purchase quality, your items should last you a very long time. Some items are recommended, not just for quality but also for ease of use (portability, size, etc.). Click/Touch the link (the wording will be blue if it has a link to the item to preview) to review the item we recommend.

Vendor Event Checklist
This checklist can be used for virtually any vendor and/or consultant.

— Display Essentials —

Canopy — The canopy recommended here is quick and easy to put up and take down. Having two people helps but this can be done with one person with minimal effort. This particular canopy also comes with built in LED lights (great for evening events) and a carrying case.

Canopy Side Walls — We recommend mesh tarps for the side walls because they give a softer (more material-like) look to your booth. Attach the mesh tarps with the ball bungee cords below — or use the 8″ cable ties, also listed below. Having side walls is very controversial in the vendor event arena — depending on the type of event, you may or may not want walls — some say the walls are good because then people cannot decide to skip your booth before seeing what you have. Something to think about.

Ball Bungee Cords (to hold up side walls)

Folding Tables — This particular folding table is recommended because it has a nice wide surface, folds in half (making it more easily transportable), and holds up to use after use very well. Recommend getting two of these to start.

Folding Tray Table — This is recommended to put with your chairs to keep your drink and/or food on. If you are thinking about using the portable sink/hand soap recommendation/idea below, you will want to get two of these.

Tablecloths — The recommended tablecloths are fitted so that they will not fly up during windy days (trust me you want them to be fitted). These fit the folding tables we recommended above. You may want to get a light color since your side walls may be black or get black to have your display items “pop” with color.

Patio Rug, Optional — This is optional but you may want to consider this — you want people to feel “at home” in your booth so they will want to “stay longer.” Rugs tend to give a booth a more welcome feel.

Hanging Lights, Optional — If you get the recommended canopy above you will not need lights. If you are never going to do an evening event, you will probably never need hanging lights. If you find your booth is a bit dark with the side walls, you may want to consider the lights.

Banner — We create our own and then purchase the banner with our design through Vista Print.

Extension Cords — You will need these 50 foot power cords to reach the electrical outlets provided at most events. Sometimes opting for electric is extra but you will want this for your diffusers and charging your mobile devices. You may want two of these – sometimes a power cord will fail, having a back up is crucial.

Power Strips – to use with the electrical extension cord and provides 12 outlets. You may want two of these — sometimes a power strip will go down, having a back-up is crucial.

8” Cable Ties, Heavy Duty — These come in handy for multiple reasons but can be used to hang your banner from the top of your canopy. Can also be used to hang your side walls.

Velcro — This is useful to hang a banner from the front of your table.

Rubber Bands — These are priceless on windy days! Wrap around your flyer and brochure stands to keep your flyers and brochures from flying off.

Pens — you can never have too many pens at events.

Scissors — handy for numerous reasons.

Scotch Tape — another handy essential to keep on hand.

Duct Tape — just in case

Electrical Tape — just in case

Traveling First-Aid Kit — just in case

Traveling Sewing Kit — nothing can put a stop to a vendor event like ripping a hole in your pants/shirt. Having this can be the difference between packing up and going home or staying.

☐ Change of Clothes — your preference

Feminine Needs Kit — washable, reusable pads and case

Baby Wipes — For clean ups. We recommend Seventh Generation brand.

Paper Towels — Seventh Generation brand recommended.

Compostable Utensils

Compostable Paper Plates

Trash Bags


Post-It page marker tabs — These are great for marking places in the product guide and/or the four year career book!

Tool/Storage Box with handle — Great for keeping all those essentials organized (scissors, tape, rubber bands, etc.).

Large Bins — The ones recommended are clear to help you find what you are looking for faster and have quick, flap type lids so you can quickly reach in and grab what you need.

Folding Utility Wagon — Perfect for transporting many of your items from your vehicle to your booth. You cannot always drive up to unload.

Cooler with stand — You will find yourself bending and standing a lot so having a cooler on a stand to save your back a little bit of work is awesome!

Comfy Chairs — Comfy! People tend to come in waves so you’ll want a comfy seat for those moments you can rest.

Ice Packs for Cooler

☐ Drinks

☐ Snacks

☐ Meals

Comfy Shoes — Yes, yes, and yes! Ladies, event days are just not the days to wear heels. Keep it simple, keep it comfy. We keep a pair of >> these << in our emergency duffle bag, just in case.

— Display Items —

☐ Your Products

☐ Empty Bottles (Use your empties for your display rack, they will still “smell” and you will not be as upset if someone walks off with an empty versus a full oil bottle) — essential oil vendors

6 level display rack – Holds approx. 102 oil bottles! — essential oil vendors

Drawing Cards — holding a drawing for a free small product/prize is a great way to get contact names and e-mail/phone numbers. Also helps to attract people to your table and spark conversation.

Drawing/Ballot Box — to keep the drawing entry cards in.

☐ Giveaway Display Item(s)


Brochure-Business Card Holder

Flyer Holder/Stand

☐ Member Enrollment Forms — Be sure you have a copy of the “legalease” from your company’s actual enrollment form so it is available to review. We keep one copy in a notebook, just in case.

☐ Catalogs

☐ Flyers

☐ Brochures

☐ Business Cards

☐ Samples

Fanny Pack or Small Crossbody — You do not want to leave your purse or wallet lying around. Use a fanny pack or small crossbody to keep it with you at all times.

☐ 4 concrete blocks — These are crucial for windy outdoor events to keep your canopy from flying off.

☐ Cell Phone Charger

☐ Tablet Charger


☐ Demo Product(s)

☐ Distilled Water, if concentrated product and/or cleaning

Spray Bottle

Portable Sink (Collapsible Dish Bin) — This is great if you have a product for washing hands, ,etc.

☐ Hand Soap, if you have this as a product

☐ Index Card with hand soap ingredients – Laminated — helps those with allergies know if the product is safe for them.

☐ Toothpaste, if you have this as a product

☐ Index Card with Toothpaste ingredients – Laminated — helps those with allergies know if the product is safe for them.

— Vendor/Join My Team Kits —

Presentation Box (Holder for Items Below) — This box is perfect for making a little kit to give to potential team members. One thing we learned is that other vendors have the highest rate of becoming your potential team members — they are already familiar with the MLM way of making a living. Pay attention to those with a nice booth set-up. Vendors tend to wander around the room, if one comes to your table, be ready to hand him/her a kit.

☐ Product Guide

☐ Samples

☐ Pen

☐ Member Enrollment Form

☐ Business Card

☐ Flyers

☐ Sheet with links to compensation video, reward programs, other consultant information, your website, etc.

— The Kids are Coming Along –-

Pop Up Tent with bottom/Shade – Portable/Collapsible — having a small area where the kids can feel like they are “camping” makes events more fun. Sometimes there are free areas behind your booth, use it to set up your littles.

Kids Tablet (Kindle Fire Kids Tablet)

Portable DVD Player

☐ DVD Movies

☐ Special Toys

Automoblox (toy) — If you have never experienced Automoblox, you are in for a treat! They can be taken apart and put back together, as well as the parts are interchangeable — fun for boys and girls. Watch for little parts — be sure these are age appropriate for your littles.

☐ Change of Clothes

☐ Blankets

☐ Pillow

☐ Drinks

☐ Snacks

☐ Meals

— The Baby/Babies/Toddler/Toddlers are Coming Along –-

Portable, Pop-up Playard — This is so much more lightweight and portable than many of those traveling play yards.

☐ Shade

☐ Toys

☐ Blankets

☐ Bottles

☐ Baby/Toddler Food

☐ Diapers

☐ Baby Wipes

☐ Change of Clothes

— If Selling Items at Event –-

☐ Mobile Phone/Tablet

☐ Credit Card Swipe Tool

☐ Chargers

☐ Password for Payment App

☐ Change (dollars and coins)

☐ Receipt Book

— Cold Weather Extras –-

Warm Throw Blanket

☐ Scarf

☐ Gloves

☐ Portable Heater

Small Crockpot — Soup, Chili, and other crockpot meals are great for cold/chilly days.

☐ Serving Spoon for Crockpot Meal

PDF File

This list is being updated. An updated PDF for printing will be available very soon.